Bueno Jiu Jitsu Adult's Programs

Bueno Jiu Jitsu Bueno Jiu Jitsu Adult's Programs

Traditional Gi-Mixed Levels

Skills Training, Self-Defense, Rolling (Sparring)

Our core class incorporates beginners as well as our more seasoned athletes. Everyone bows in and does warm-ups together, but then splits to different mats for different levels of skills training. We like combining our training so that everyone knows and feels like they are a part of the Bueno Family!

*New students may borrow a Gi (kimono) from the gym for their first few classes if they do not already have one. In this class, we teach techniques with the highest percentage of success and delve into the details that allow you to execute them even better. *All belts welcome!


Made for the real world, BJJ is a form of self-defense that every person should master. BJJ focuses on ground-level altercations – utilizing holds, throws, blows, and a variety of submission techniques. This makes Jiu Jitsu ideal when learning how to take on an opponent who may be larger than you, without necessarily having to hurt them.

Bueno Jiu Jitsu Bueno Jiu Jitsu Adult's Programs


While many martial art disciplines incorporate grappling here and there, when it comes to BJJ, grappling is at the core of all of your training. Not familiar with grappling? Here’s what you need to know – instead of utilizing weapons or striking, grappling is all about getting your opponent to concede through physical dominance. The rules and techniques of grappling vary depending on whether one is practicing Gi or No-Gi Jiu Jitsu, as well as whether it’s being done in a sport or self-defense style. When grappling in BJJ, you’ll spend the majority of your time fighting from the ground and will likely utilize many different types of chokes.

At Bueno Jiu Jitsu, self-defense and martial arts training go hand in hand. Though the application of self-defense is at the core of every class we teach, our No-Gi Jiu Jitsu course prepares students like no other. No-Gi Jiu Jitsu is unique because it ditches the martial arts uniform we’ve all become accustomed to and replaces it with shorts and a rash guard. The goal of this isn’t to keep students comfortable – it’s all about mimicking real-life altercations. While everyone has a different take, we feel that the grappling of No-Gi Jiu Jitsu is more realistic than any other form of martial arts. Without the grip of a kimono, the extra time to decide your next mood or as many complex techniques, you’re gaining an experience that is way more similar to any altercation you may be confronted with outside of our gym.

Bueno Jiu Jitsu Bueno Jiu Jitsu Adult's Programs

Private Lessons

For students seeking advanced training beyond what is provided in our normal classes, Professor Douglas Bueno offers private lessons at a first-come, first-served availability.

His wife, Coach Lorna Bueno, also offers private lessons and classes for women who prefer female-only training.

One-on-One Training

Focused primarily on sparring, this program is designed to  provide students with customized training.

This class is for students who have a solid foundation or want personalized training from the ground up.  This allows us to offer a more challenging advanced class to students who are ready to move beyond our other courses and learn teach higher-level techniques and complex sequences that allow you to take your game to the next level. We also do positional sparring and live rolling, both of which enable you to put your knowledge to practice. *Limited to blue belts and higher.

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